Welcome to the Lab!

As engineers, game theorists & programmers, the makers of STOPWATCHTM started caring in 2014. This was around the time brands & manufacturers in the consumer packaged goods (CPG) space started to list products online. Amazon could not be ignored, & the Stonehenge team watched manufacturers spend millions of dollars on digital advertising. The biggest head-scratcher? Agencies overseeing a brand’s ad spend were not held accountable for actual sales performance, let alone profitability metrics. At that time, “online success” was measured by impressions & clicks, not dollars & units.

Determined to build software for manufacturers who had great product, but an unprofitable online game plan, the team at Stonehenge Technology Labs sketched 5 premises that now undergird every formula & algorithm, every supervised experiment, every signal & autonomous action STOPWATCHTM makes on behalf of its members:

  • The cost for consumers to switch between online retailers is low.
  • The motivation for online retailers to keep consumers on their site is high.
  • Brands & manufacturers have a lot to measure but real-time decisions are few & far between.
  • Established brands should NOT be losing the online selling game.
  • Smart organizations are more connected than ever before.

Oh, & one more thing… the team at Stonehenge Technology Labs cares about speed above all. Because the faster STOPWATCHTM members identify opportunities & close gaps across their online selling portfolio, the faster they win organic search within each individual online retailer & across the entire online universe.

Our Team

Meagan Bowman

Chief Executive Officer

Enjoys street basketball, take-out & flying coach. Has never lost a game of chicken.

Chaotic Neutral.

Will Brown

Principal Product Lead: Front-End & Data Discovery

Enjoys outdoor activities of all kinds, PC gaming, & nonfiction media.
Writes his best code while living and working out of a 26’ camper.

Lawful Neutral.

Mykal Burris

Automation Engineer

Enjoys solving problems, dogs, & collecting sneakers.

Lawful Neutral.

Zach Fuller

Principal Product Lead: Back-End Infrastructure & Security

Enjoys gaming, hard rock, & American football (Go Chiefs!)
Roasts coffee. A lot of it.

Chaotic Good.

Greg Yin

Chief Operating Officer & Head of Membership

Enjoys discovering new hole-in-the-wall restaurants, poker, & Cardinals baseball.

Lawful Good.

Diane Charles

Data Engineer

Grew up in Dominica & loves the outdoors. Equally loves the indoors where she reads books & tracks down data abnormalities. Loves being an Aunt.

Neutral Good.

Jess Heston

Front-End Engineer

Enjoys archery, kickboxing, & knife-throwing. Is building her own house in the forest. Any other questions?

Lawful Good.

Bethany Shadowens

Membership & Marketing Product Strategist

Enjoys books, painting, & personality tests. Has never passed a dog without petting it.

Chaotic Good.

Allison Byrum

Consulting Data Engineer

Enjoys cultivating plants, minds, & sourdough starters. Asks the questions no one thinks to ask.

Chaotic Good.

Michelle Yin

Membership & Team Administrator

Enjoys Peloton workouts, 1000+ piece jigsaw puzzles, & boogie boarding. Keeps a complete set of Elephant & Piggie books in her desk.

Lawful Neutral.

Amy Riley

Director of Marketing & Community

Enjoys hiking, daily crosswords, & letterpress art. Has requested a photo booth at her funeral. Regularly suffers from wanderlust.

True Neutral.

Megan Cross

Marketing & Membership Product Coordinator

Enjoys complex board games, optimized travelling, & home-cooked meals with loved ones. Will never stop trying to get on Game Show Network.

Chaotic Good.

James Sampson

Director of Product

Enjoys family, the outdoors, & smart homes. Used to ride bulls.

True Neutral.

Ollie Durling

Business Intelligence & Predictive Modeling

Enjoys skiing, board games, & Duke basketball. Reads 1 book every month.

Neutral Good.

Robert Nelson

Member Success Manager

Enjoys traveling & coffee. Is a proud dog dad. Hablo espanol.

Neutral Good.

Sai Elagandula

Membership Data Engineer

Enjoys cooking, reading, & traveling. Currently exploring the world of salads!

Neutral Good.

Dan Rossignol

Chief Growth Officer

Enjoys big game fishing, golf, & running in extremely hot temperatures. Despises plastic or metal hangers for dress shirts (must be wood). Hasn’t lost a debate around the best basketball player in history (clearly Michael Jordan).

Chaotic Good.

Amelia Nickol

System Administrator

Enjoys the visual arts, VR dance games, & long drives to nowhere. A homegrown desert gal living it up in rainy Seattle.

Chaotic Good.

Justin Hix

Business Intelligence Analyst

Enjoys mountain biking, books, & hypothetical questions. Tall, but not ‘basketball’ tall.

Neutral Good.

Mykal Burris

Node.js Web Automation Engineer

Enjoys solving problems, dogs, & collecting sneakers.

Lawful Neutral

Hai Ha

Sr. C# .NET Back-End Engineer

Enjoys sports & sports collectibles. And lots of video games.

Neutral Good

Rachel Corona

Item Catalog Specialist

Enjoys video games, dogs, & drawing. Never seen without winged eyeliner.

True Neutral

Aidan Cline

Automation Engineer

Enjoys computers (duh), exploring outdoors, & baking. Is a proud lefty.

Lawful Good.

The Engineering Cohort Behind STOPWATCHTM Stands on Three (3) Principles

  • Empower Unique Talent
  • Operate as a World Class Team
  • Solve Complex Problems with Speed & Simplicity

The Engineering Cohort Behind STOPWATCHTM Stands on Only Three (3) Principles

  • Empower Unique Talent
  • Operate as a World Class Team
  • Solve Complex Problems with Speed & Simplicity

Designed with great care, Stonehenge, the prehistoric monument located in southern England, is not only an archeological feat, its geographic & astronomical precision measured elliptical cycles over the ages.

In 2008, computer scientists & experimental archeologists proved the outermost polygon of Stonehenge’s design was created using simple square & circle geometry… a single piece of rope executed that which Pythagoras uncovered roughly 2,000 years later. Complexity often undergirds that which is inherently simple.

Game Theory, the study of mathematical conflict & cooperation is like a chess match. The game is simple; one player wins, one player loses. However, the situational decisions made by each player compound as the match unfolds. Each move, representing great care & consideration between opponents, is dependent upon a prior move. Optimal outcome is achieved by the player who executes a strong combination of simple moves

At Stonehenge Technology Labs, we care about each move. We care about how the game is played. And most of all, we care about achieving optimal results for our STOPWATCHTM Members. While we don’t actively post open positions, if you care about the same things we care about, send us a match request via team@stopwatch.tech so together we can get moving!